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DCS Delta V Control Systems

Former Emerson DeltaV Lead Engineer. East Midlands based Controls Engineer and Project Leader with more than 20 years systems analysis, application design / project development and testing experience.

Experience in providing control systems and SIS solutions based on the Delta V DCS platform for clients such as BASF, Enquest and Sabic.

Working with your team, helping to meet your project commitments. By providing hardware and software design, development, build and commissioning services you will find to be a competent, reliable and cost effective partner.


  • Electrical and Software System Design
  • Software Programming
  • Commissioning

Emerson Official Training.

  • 7009 DeltaV Implementation
  • 7016 DeltaV Systems Batch Implementation
  • 7018 DeltaV Hardware & Troubleshooting
  • 7032 DeltaV Fieldbus Systems and Devices
  • 7305 DeltaV SIS Implementation
  • SE201 Safety Engineering
  • PCSD DeltaV Batch

Contact me.

You can contact me via my website. Webform. Or alternatively mail direct Outlook Account